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The paper-thin BOOST mouse pad is designed to provide a nearly seamless tracking surface. With an extra-slim profile it delivers an unobstructed edge-to-edge gaming experience. Works best when combined with a pro-grade optical sensor like the one found in the FLICK Optical Mouse. AVAILABLE IN THREE SIZES:
Size M: 280 x 214 x 2mm
Size L: 340 x 260 x 2mm
Size XL: 400 x 305 x 2mm FEATURES:
BOOST was developed by the world’s leading professional gamers to ensure precision tracking and reliability to support gameplay at the highest levels FNATIC QUALITY
Built with tournament play in mind, BOOST is built for eSports and manufactured to the highest quality standards PRO-GRADE TRACKING SURFACE
The hard polycarbonate surface supports rapid movement and game play while still being able to deliver laser-like precision with a pro-grade optical sensor ERGONOMIC DESIGN
Designed with an arc shape, BOOST reflects the natural movements from the elbow to the arm, wrist, and hand BOOST TEXTURE
Counter-intuitively, the smoother the surface the more contact and friction occurs between the mouse skates and the surface. BOOST pads come in two models uniquely textured to boost either SPEED for fast action gameplay or CONTROL for more precision gameplay NON-SLIP GRIP
BOOST is equipped with a non-slip rubberised backing to ensure a steady grip on any desktop WARRANTY TERMS
2 Year Warranty from purchase date Продукт известен още и като BoostControlXL
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