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The Revolution of Gaming Mouse Pad
The MSI Sistorm is an amazing mouse pad with silicon base that provides constant and superior performance. Silicon is an environment friendly material: stable, non-toxic recyclable and a perfect texture when touched. The anti-slip silicon structure on the bottom ensures the Sistorm stays in place even on a slippery surface.


High-tech 3D Texture Surface
The 3D textured surface provides is optimized for low friction and high accuracy. The surface provides an optimal compatibility for gaming mice.

Advanced Edge Cover Technology
This patented technique reduces wear and tear traditionally found of cloth mouse pads and increases sturdiness.

Anti-slip Silicon Structured
The specially designed non-slip and non-skid silicon bones prevents the pad from sliding during intense gaming and increases high precision accuracy.

Water Resistant
The Water-proof surface greatly increases durability, prevents staining and is easy to clean.


- Patented covered edge technology
- Water resistant
- Anti-static 3D surface
- Low friction across the pad for perfect control
- Perfectly flat soft-surface
- Roll-up for easy carrying and storage
- Easy to clean
- Silicon base sticks firmly to your table
- Smooth touch surface for long-duration gaming
- No colorization and odorization


- Surface: Polyester(Black)
- Base: Silicon(Gaming Red)
- Dimension: 380 x 260 x 2 mm
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