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White-Ra limited gaming mouse pad

Synthetic Fabric that helps gaming mice glide smoothly. You can frag the difference!

Synthetic fabric material allows mouse feet to glide effortlessly across the gaming surface. Also Sensor Precision provides optimal DPI tracking with the textured composite design.

Dragon Carrying Bag, stores and protects your mouse pad.

Tt eSPORTS understands gamers travel for tournaments and competition, and to sustain the condition of the mouse pad, an extra carry bag provides gamers portability and security.

Perfect size for every game you play.

360 X 300 X 3mm, whether you are on FPS or MMORPG, White-Ra mouse pad’s got it all.

C. W. T. - Cross-Weave Technology.

Rough and smooth fabrics are woven together to combine a slick-gliding surface for speed, while maintaining a textured friction surface for maximum stability and control.

Dimension (LxWxH) - 360 x 300 x 3mm
Material - Synthetic Fabric Material
Natural Rubber Base Design - Yes
Game Genre - MMORPG
Color - Black
Other Features - Design Collaboration with White-Ra

//www. ttesports. com/products/product. aspx?p=26&g=ftr Продукт известен още и като White Ra, WhiteRa
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